Speed and Convenience... that you will marvel at
SCC Online Case Finder CD-ROM Edition is a very powerful computer software program which helps the busy legal professional research the massive legal information database by just the touch of a few keys at lightning speed.

A continuous facility... always available on your computer
The entire information database of the SCC Online Case Finder is on only one CD-ROM. It will be installed on your own personal desktop or laptop computer, and can be used endlessly on demand whenever you wish.

Thus, you can utilise the information at your convenience, at any time of day or night, and as often as you want! This gives you complete flexibility and control over your research with full secrecy and confidentiality.
Can be installed by the user himself

The installation procedure for the Case Finder software program is extremely simple. Any user familiar with Microsoft® WindowsT can install Case Finder and its update without the assistance of any professional.

Two versions of SCC Online Case Finder 2010 are available. To see a feature by feature comparision, see the Comparision Chart.

  Convenience and Speed  
  A Continous Facility  
  Easy Installation  
  No Intricate Commands  
  Authentic and Reliable  
  Intelligent Search  
  Search Results  
  Short Listing for Printing  
  Easy Instruction Manual  
  Regular Updates  
  Annotation & Bookmark  
  Multiple Searches  
  Simultaneous Results  
  Article Notes  
  Text of Judgments  
  True Prints  
  Text of Articles  
  The Comparision Chart gives you a feature by feature comparision of the products to help you decide which product is right for you.